About Me

Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner

I remember stepping to the table to complete my first Reiki treatment in 2002. I experienced the subtle layers of energy around the client's body. As I reached towards the client's head my hands moved through her energy field; it felt like layers of silky tissue paper, each different in weight and texture.

That day called me home. And, I have been blessed to continue my journey to Master Teacher Practitioner of USUI in 2004, Karuna in 2008, and Gendai in 2010.

My USUI teaching materials have been approved by the Canadian Reiki Association (Membership #04-138).

In 2008 I journeyed to Glastonbury, England, to complete my Master Karuna training with William Rand from the International Centre for Reiki Studies. The Master attunements were given inside Stonehenge. (Membership #84750).

In 2010 Sensi Horoshi Doi from Japan came to Toronto to teach Gendai Reiki. With the assistance of a translator we moved through this ancient knowledge and again received attunements associated with a Master designation.