Complementary Practitioner

Janice McMillanIt is with gratitude that I thank the many individuals who have supported my learning so that I may share in the joy of serving others.

Holistic methods and energy tools employed in my work include:


Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment
Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing

Reconnective Healing

Provides love, light and information and enhances our connection to the universal energy.

EFT (Tap Tap Tap)

Energy points on the body that when tapped release emotional and physical blocks.

Phoenix Method

A method of dissolving the emotion surrounding a story of discomfort lodged within the physical body.

Guided Imagery

A tool used to engage our imagination and intuition.

Inner Child Work

The opportunity to hold our little one, open our hearts and listen.


Using these geometric designs we colour, question and learn to embrace the subtleties of our knowing.

Healing Circles

To sit in circle, speak our truth, honour the differences and heal our relationships.

House & Office Blessings

Loving rituals for clearing and cleansing space.

Energy Tools

Tools related to breathwork.
Sound healing for mind-body connection.

Distance Healing With Reiki

A compassionate gift of Reiki to set an energetic intention for more bliss.