Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?

Reiki (ray-key) is a simple and powerful Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation.Reiki is administered by the practitioner’s hands. It is a non-invasive treatment where the client remains fully clothed.

Reiki is currently used in over 400 USA hospitals and is included in the roster of patient services. Some hospitals have their own Reiki-trained physicians, nurses and support staff.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki reduces the negative side-effects of chemotherapy and surgery. Reiki improves mental attitude, reduces chronic pain and stress. Reiki works in harmony with other treatments.

How is Reiki transmitted to others?

Reiki is healing energy that is transmitted through the hands of an individual what has been ‘attuned’ through an initiation process. Reiki energy comes from the universal energy field. The practitioner is simply a conductor allowing the energy to pass through him/her into the receptor/client. The practitioner is not giving his/her own energy and thus experiences no energy drain. NOTE: When the practitioner allows the ‘ego’ to get in the way, he/she can experience what is termed an empathetic drain.

What does Reiki feel like?

Reiki will flow more easily and more powerfully every time it is used. Some people feel Reiki as warmth, others a vibration or tingling, and some feel nothing at all. When they feel nothing, it does not mean that they are not receiving Reiki. They may be more outer-directed and not as focused on their inner world. People could feel light headed for a time after the treatment, so it is best take adequate time before arising.

Who are Reiki practitioners?

Reiki practitioners are people from all walks of life, all races, all occupations, who have received attunements from a qualified Reiki Master. Some feel, called to share and teach the system, others to develop healing ability for their own use. Usually around two months after the First Degree initiation, people begin to feel it is time to continue their training. There is normally a four to six month period of integration prior to each degree of training.

When will Reiki not work?

There will be times when Reiki does not seem to work. This can be due to a number of reasons. Just as a client often has no idea on the conscious level as to what is exactly happening to them that brings about a diseased condition, they may also not be aware of the healing process as it occurs. Healing occurs first on subtle levels. Even though you may not perceive a result on the surface, this does not mean that nothing is happening. If there is a blockage preventing release, then Reiki works to dissolve the blockage.

The body has wisdom of its own and will draw Reiki where it is most needed, regardless of our wants and expectations. Therefore, do not feel disappointed should your expectations not be fulfilled. With Reiki, nothing is achieved by force of will.

When Reiki fails, the willingness of the client to be aligned may simply be an ‘alibi’. Subconsciously the client may not want to be healthy again. Some people cling to illness, because it offers some kind of payoff. Sometimes it is about getting attention and sympathy. Also the person has not yet learned the ‘lesson’ offered by the illness. They may have chosen this way to learn and therefore they may need to go on with the illness for a while.

How are plants and animals treated with Reiki?

The fact that animals can be healed with Reiki proves its effectiveness, because an animal will not be cured by a psychological trick, hypnosis or by belief alone. Although we do not know what animals experience when we treat with Reiki, we do notice that they tend to get quieter.

When we treat domestic animals, we lay our hands behind their ears at the point where dogs like to be stroked. After that we treat the rest of the body systematically or we let our hands remain at places where the animal seems to feel pain or where it is ill. It is as easy as that. In the case of small animals, it is best to cup them comfortably in our hands.

Animals can be treated with the absentee method (2nd degree). This method is appropriate when the animal is too big, too small, too frightened or too dangerous to be treated directly.
(Baginsky & Sharamon, “Reiki: Universal Life Energy”, Life Rhythm Publication, CA 1988.)

When you treat your plants with Reiki you will be impressed by the positive results you get, such as strong healthy growth, and a profusion of buds and blossoms. In order to empower seeds with Reiki, hold your hands a few inches above them, much as though you were blessing them. In one sense this is exactly what you are doing. You can hold seeds in your left hand and give them Reiki with the right hand. Cut flowers standing in a vase may also be kept stronger and healthier with Reiki. Potted plants are best treated by the root system. You do this by holding the pot between your hands near the bottom of the pot.

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“After suffering from chronic pain for 5 years, and trying all modalities the medical profession had with no positive result. I went to Janice for a Reiki treatment; I was amazed with the result. I was looking for some relief from my pain. What happened was so beyond that, healing was taking place not only on a physical level, but an emotional and spiritual level as well. This inspired me to take the first degree training, so I could treat myself daily. This of course led me to taking the second degree training, with the hopes of some day doing the Masters. Janice was my instructor during the passage through these two courses. She is a kind and compassionate guide. At times during treatment and courses you can feel very exposed. Janice is like your shield or warm blanket during those times; she could not have been kinder or gentler. Janice is a great listener; with wise understanding. My Reiki treatments and training have reduced my pain so I can work. My Reiki training has sent me on a wonderful path of self discovery. I will forever be grateful.”

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